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Meal Times:


At present, an outdoor kitchen services all guests meals with open fire style of cooking, barbeque and gas stove/oven.  


Breakfast - 6:30am to 9:30am. 
Lunch - 12:00pm to 2:30pm. 
Dinner - 7:00pm.


Please see our 'Dine' page for an example of daily menu.




Coffee and Tea:
Complimentary tea and freshly ground coffee are available at all times. Coffee and tea making facilities are also available in the rooms.





Transfers to the island:


Transfers to Uluai island are a separate tariff, not included in the daily rate.  Please enquire about the cost of transfers at time of booking, as it will vary with number of guests.  



Daily laundry service is included as part of house-keeping duties at no extra charge. Laundry baskets are provided in each room.



Artifacts and Souveneirs:


We endeavour to support the local community wherever possible.   Local hand crafted items are sold by nearby villagers and can be made available for purchase on request. 




Being in a remote area, we aim to find the best eco-friendly energy solutions available.  Twenty four (24) hour power is supplied by solar/battery bank system with back up generator. Plugs are Australian three pin style. Hot water systems are solar powered.  





Coming soon....


  • Central area  - dining/lounge/library

  • Fully equipped kitchen with modern facilities (which will not detract from the open fire style of cooking)

  • Sunset Bar -  with great view!

  • Internet facilities




At present, the main hub of acitivity is located at the bush house, with out-door tables set up for dining and socializing.




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