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The island is part of a group of small islands (an archipelago) in Eleanora Bay, East Kove, West New Britain (WNB), Papua New Guinea (PNG)​. It is located approximately 3.5km from the mainland (Silovuti), with Kimbe being the closest township. The flight to New Britain takes you over the Willaumez Peninsular, which forms the western boundary of Kimbe Bay, and provides a spectacular introduction to another visually defining feature of this part of New Britain – volcanoes.


On the tip of the peninsular are two large freshwater lakes occupying the huge caldera left by the massive eruption of the Dakataua volcano some 1150 years ago. Dotted along the long and narrow isthmus are three smaller volcanoes. The final approach in to Hoskins Airport is overshadowed by the large Mount Pago volcano, and its two smaller siblings, whose periodic rumblings provide very poignant reminders of the powerful seismic phenomena far underground that created the tectonic uplifts that gave rise to this magnificent landscape.


Port Moresby





Uluai Island


If travelling internationally, the first part of your journey will be a flight to Port Moresby (the Capital of Papua New Guinea) from where a domestic flight to Hoskins airport in New Britain takes approximately 1 hour.  Upon arrival at Hoskins airport,  a vehicle takes you to Walindi plantation resort or Liamo Reef Resort for overnight stay before heading to the island the next day.  Please confim airline schedules, as international flight connections may change.  After breakfast, a morning departure from either Resort to Uluai Island takes approximately 2.5 hours. This involves a 1.5 hour road trip followed by a 1 hour boat ride.  Further details regarding transfers to and from airport will be provided upon booking.  

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