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The Island is well situated for fishing enthusiasts. There is access to 4 rivers inland that are prime spots for keen bass sports-fishing people, and is currently a favoured destination for anglers from all around the world. 


Whether sports fishing or simply catching dinner, the area surrounding Uluai Island is teeming with prime fishing locations. Of the multiple nearby river systems, the furtherst away is only one hour from the island.


Papuan Black Bass or Niugini bass inhabit brackish and fresh waters, they are opportunistic and omnivorous in their diet. In common with many large, riverine fish, Black Bass are territorial. In areas where there is little tidal influence they remain in the one general area.


Spot-Tail Bass or Freshwater snapper generally inhabit the more upper reaches of the river systems. Spot-tail bass are also opportunistic and omnivorous in their diet and territorial like their relatives the Black Bass.


Black Bass are caught along with Mangrove Jack & Spot-Tail Bass are the prime target of recreational (sports) fishers. In sport fishing circles it is generally considered the Black Bass is 'pound for pound' the strongest fish swimming in either fresh or salt water.

The river "Via" (pronounced; veer) is one of the larger rivers in the area.  Situated approximately one hour from the island, in West Kove.  The Via has also been popular for camping trips on the bank of the river to maximize the fishing experience to its fullest.  Camping is normally for 2-3 nights and then back to the island for the remainder of your stay.  Whether camping or day trips, many happy fishermen have come back very satisfied after fishing the Via.


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